Why so few photos?

Internet connections in Iran are complicated! First of all, the WiFi in the places we've stayed has been unreliable. Then we have to deal with filters imposed by the government that block undesirable websites such as Facebook and Blogger (which I use to publish my blog). There are ways around this censorship and many Iranians use Facebook regularly. But it's a bit more tricky when you're on the road.

So, I actually post to this blog via email, which limits the possibility of publishing photos because of the size. I have loads of photos, some more of which I'll post once I get to Turkey on Thursday.

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  1. Although iran id by far the biggest internet user of whole the middle-east. They are also not only proxies which makes it slower or difficult but a sort of general unfair distribution of cable internet, and the days centers, with no regional base and a relatively narrow capacity of the internet bands reaching there 😊
    see for instance,
    don't be too sure of eastern turkey and do them in Tehran.

  2. Really looking forward to the photos and loving your travel tales so far! What an amazingly beautiful country.


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